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Frequently Asked Questions

A. While the property owner is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the permit is obtained before work is started, he or she may assign the duty of obtaining the permit to the contractor, architect or other authorized agent.


A. The Fire District permit is required to be issued and on the job site when the work starts , except that footings and foundations may be installed (at the owner’s risk) before the Fire District permit is issued.

A. State statutes assign the responsibility of fire protection to Fire Protection Districts. Therefore, Fire Protection Districts are responsible for adopting and enforcing Fire Codes. Fire Permits enable Fire Protection Districts to perform inspections that ensure your property complies with the adopted Fire Codes for fire and life-safety.

To help insure the safety, health and welfare; and, in general, to secure safety to life and property from all hazards incident to the design, erection, repair, or use and occupancy of all buildings, structures or premises in the Boles Fire Protection District, we have adopted Ordinance Nos. 20, 21,22, and 23 The Fire Prevention Code.

The Boles Fire Protection District Inspectors are Missouri State Certified Fire Inspectors. This assures that we have the expertise to recognize potential fire hazards, and to help provide solutions to mitigate these hazards. Further, Boles Fire Inspectors have expert knowledge regarding the principles of combustion and fire growth such as the combustion process – or how fire works, phases of fire, heat transfer, flame spread, factors affecting fire growth, fire resistance in construction, fire loads, fire containment in buildings, elimination of ignition sources and many other fire related matters.

A. There are three different times in the construction sequence when a Fire District Inspection will be required.

The first required inspection is a Rough or Framing Inspection. This Inspection needs to be conducted and approved before any underground fire main, sprinkler piping, walls and/or ceilings are insulated or covered. It is OK to cover one side of walls so long as all of the framing, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling work associated with this portion of your project has been completed and is still visible for inspection.

The second inspection should include a drywall inspection and any fire protection system testing. This is to insure that areas are covered and the drywall is properly installed. It also assures all fire suppression and fire alarm systems are working properly.

The third required Inspection is called a Final or Occupancy Inspection. This Inspection must be made when the permitted work is completed and approved before being furnished or occupied. Please be aware that you will need approval to occupy or use the area covered by your permit from both the Boles Fire Protection District and the county code agency involved with your project.

Due to the nature of commercial construction it is not uncommon to have separate inspections for both wall cover and ceiling cover. Also phase rough and final inspections are possible for projects. Please talk with the Fire Inspector assigned to your project about phase inspections.

If a plan approval letter was generated, all items listed on the letter must be resolved before calling for an inspection. A copy of the approved plans and a copy of the plan approval letter must be at the job site at the time of inspection.

A. The Fire District does not require anyone else’s approval, such as, electrical or plumbing Inspector approval, prior to being called for an Inspection. You can request a Fire District Inspection once the work is complete. However, please be aware that the Fire District works along with the Franklin County inspectors at times and it is best to try and setup your inspection when the county inspector can be present. This is not a requirement but may saving time and confusion during the construction project.

A. A request for inspection must be received at least 48 hours in advance. Please call 636-742-2515 after the phone answers, dial extension 5, follow the directions and leave a voice mail message.

A. The following information is needed to schedule an inspection:

  1. The day/date you need the inspection, e.g., Tues., July 11th
  2. The Boles Fire Protection District permit number, e.g., 05-1234
  3.  The address of the project and suite number, if applicable
  4. The type of inspection, e.g., wall or ceiling – rough, re-rough; final, re-final, etc.
  5. Your name and phone number
  6.  Any comments or instructions, such as, “Go around to the rear door”, etc.

A. The inspection will general be scheduled 24 to 48 hours after the message is received during normal business hours. Someone will return your call to confirm a time and date.

A. We will make every attempt to meet the request. If the inspection needs to be scheduled for a specific time due to the testing of a fire suppression and/or detection system, please leave this information on the Fire District Inspection request line.

A. During normal business hours, please call 636-742-2515. After normal business hours please call the Inspection Request line and leave a voice message.

A. Rough Inspections – we recommend that someone familiar with the project be on site for the Inspection so that any necessary corrections can be explained.

Final Inspections – in most case someone familiar with the project must be on site to shut off power to exit signs and emergency lighting and/or conduct other systems test. All personnel needed to test sprinkler and alarm systems if applicable.

A. The Fire District approved plans any plan approval letter, if applicable, and permit card must be at the job site at the time of inspection.

A. You general reach one of the inspectors by calling 636-742-2515 and leave a message and one of the inspectors will return your call as soon as possible.

A. Please call 636-742-2515 and if no one is available leave a detailed voice message and an Inspector will call you back as soon as possible.

A. Please look at the Fire District Permit Card. The Inspector will either sign the card approving the Inspection or will leave detailed notes as to what corrections need to be made in order to obtain Inspection approval.

A. Once the needed corrections are made you will need to call 636-742-2515 to get a re-inspection.

A. The Fire Inspector will write on a Fire District corrections form the violations found that will need to be corrected.

A. Please call 636-742-2515 to speak to the Inspector involved with your projec

A. An additional $25.00 inspection fees will be charged when an inspection has been scheduled but cannot be conducted due to:

  1. Building, or portion(s) of the building requiring access for the inspection, is locked or inaccessible
  2. Building or surrounding area is unsafe, as determined by the Fire Official
  3. Fire District approved plans, permit card and/or other construction documents are not on the work site
  4. Work is not complete enough for an inspection or corrections have not been made as noted, as determined by the Fire Official
  5. The area to be inspected has been covered or concealed in any manner without first obtaining the approval of the Fire Official

A. Any additional fees, a check, will need to be paid at the Boles Fire Prevention Bureau office. No fees will ever be collected in the field. Once the fees are paid an Inspection can be scheduled as soon as the next business day. The owner or contractor must request a re-inspection as the inspection will NOT be automatically rescheduled.

A. Items that can be moved in or installed at any time include:

  1. Any furniture, fixtures and/or equipment that are permanently attached, wired or plumbed, such as movable systems furniture, ice makers, etc.
  2. Shelves that have to be attached to the floor
  3. Walls or counters that are built into the building

Items that must wait until certain life safety items are inspected and approved include:

  1. Typical retail fixtures
  2. Movable desk, chairs, and file cabinets
  3. Restaurant small wares
  4. Supplies of any type

A. Please be aware that you will need approval to occupy or use the area covered by your permit from both the Boles Fire Protection District and the County Code agency involved with your project.

A. As soon as all of the work has been completed.

A. While the property owner is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the final Inspection and occupancy approval are obtained, he or she may by contractual arrangement assign those duties to the contractor, architect or other authorized agent.

Ordinance 25 & 26
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