“Our Family Protecting Yours”

Welcome to the Boles Fire Protection District. We have been serving and protecting the residents of northeast Franklin County, Missouri, since 1971. The District covers 70 square miles and includes the four Townships of Labadie, Villa Ridge, Gray Summit, and St. Albans.

The Boles Fire District was formed in 1971 by a merger of the Labadie Fire Department and the Gray Summit Fire Department. This formed the first tax supported fire district in Franklin County, Missouri. When the District formed, the members consisted of a three person board of directors, a Chief and about 15 volunteer firemen. Their call volume consisted of a handful of alarms per year. It has grown into a full-service Fire District that runs over 1,200 alarms per year.

The Boles Fire Protection District is a combination (career and reserve) fire district. The full-time Career Staff has a Fire Chief, Administrative Manager and 13 members.  The Reserve Staff consists of 62 members. The District also has a part-time Fire Inspector and a part-time mechanic on staff. The District is dedicated to providing the best firefighting and rescue equipment. All personnel continually train to save lives and minimize property loss.

Mission Statement

We will provide emergency and non-emergency services as a result of fire, medical, rescue or hazardous materials incidents.

We will utilize all the available resources provided by the residents of the District as efficiently and economically as possible while providing the highest possible care.

Value Principles

We hold sacred the respect of the community

We shall never stop educating the community and ourselves

We hold the highest regard for our retired members and fallen brethren

We shall never forget or take for granted what our previous members have done for us

As firefighters, we will NEVER replace a life with our own, especially with that which is already lost

We hold the greatest respect for:

The needs of our families and the laws of our Land

The flags of the State of Missouri and the United States of America

The sacrifices of our forefathers and foremothers and the Constitution of the United States of America