Labadie Fire ChiefsBeginnings: The Gray Summit Fire Department originated in 1944 while the Labadie Fire Department was formed in 1954. The Fire District began as an all volunteer fire donation system with $4 per year paid to have your home protected. The Boles Fire District was formed in 1971 by merging the Labadie Fire Department and the Gray Summit Fire Department. This formed the first tax supported fire district in Franklin County, Missouri. When the District formed, the members consisted of a three person Board of Directors, a Fire Chief and about 15 volunteer firemen. Their call volume consisted of a handful of alarms per year. It has since grown into a full-service Fire District that handles over 1,200 alarms per year.

Swearing in 1971 to form District

Station History: When the departments combined in 1971, the Gray Summit Station was named Boles Fire Station #1, and the Labadie Fire Station became Station #2. In 1972, Station #3 was built in Villa Ridge.  In 1973, land was donated to build Station #4 in St. Albans. In 1985, a new building was constructed in Labadie for Station #2 and the old Station #2 (currently located at Front Street and Highway T) became Station #5 and is a storage building for the District. In 2005, an addition was required for Station #2.

Fireman A two story building containing administrative offices and a training room was added. Behind the existing engine bay, three bunk rooms and a living room area was added to house 24-hour personnel. Since Boles does 80% of their own maintenance on fire apparatus, a maintenance building was also constructed behind the remodeled building. In 2007, a new fire station was constructed in St. Albans, and in 2008 a new Station #3 was also built in Villa Ridge. At the beginning of 2011, Station #1 at Gray Summit was finished and dedicated on June 26th. All four stations have room for the predicted future growth of Boles Fire Protection District.

Today: The Boles Fire Protection District is currently a combination (career and reserve) fire district. The full-time Career Staff consists of a Fire Chief, Administrative Manager, Community Relations Officer and 12 duty staff. The Reserve Staff consists of 62 members. The District also employs a part-time Fire Inspector and a part-time mechanic. All personnel are continually updating their training and the District is dedicated to providing the latest and best firefighting and rescue equipment available. These efforts are made to better serve the community.