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Residential Inspections

Boles Fire Protection District does not require an inspection for a single family residential building.  If you are building a new home or remodelling an existing home and would like a residential inspection, the BFPD Fire Prevention Bureau would be happy to look at your plans and give you safety and home sprinkler information. 

Boles Fire Protection District also performs home safety inspections at the request of a home owner or rental occupant.  These inspections are free of charge and they include a home walk through and smoke detector check.

The BFPD Fire Prevention Bureau issues building permits for all new and remodel commercial occupancies. They also issue permits for new and remodel of duplexes and multi-family occupancies. Permits are also issued for all control burns and air curtain devices, fireworks stands and displays, along with any new commercial occupancies, commercial tents, and commercial hood suppression systems. 


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